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Takafor  Richie

I am very glad with the formation of such an initiative.
Hope such an opportunity will initiate maximum dialogue especially among the youths. I at this point want to appeal for details of alien events as concerns Africaphonie, be emailed to me.


I love this Site. It´s about time that africans start to think as one.I´ve been waiting for years for africans to wake up and be able to work together cause only then we can be strong and defeat whatever comes. BUT I don´t see it in the United States of Africa because that´s just copying what the west is doing (like the European Unity). Africa has to find its´own solution of working as one while securing diversity. There are already enough problems within the States and neighbouring countries, I´m afraid this problem could spread within the continent if United.Our aims should be supportting political stability, supporting peace among neighbouring countries, supporting peaceful negotiations, supporting internal staffing within the continent, supporting believe and trust in our people´s competence instead of favouring the western ones.......


Hummmm, what a magnificient initiative!!! I must say you are doing a great job at Africaphonie. Our continent will only survive and develop if and only if we start defining ourselves and what is good for us. We HAVE to unite and join our forces and potentials to work together toward sustainable social, cultural and economic development in Africa.

NO to imperialism, NO to Francophonie/FranAfrique, NO to Unequal Trade, NO to Western-imposed Dictators, NO to loothing/pillage, NO to CORRUPTION and Embezzlement of public funds, NO to RECOLONISATION of Africa, NO to so-called foreign Aid which is infact a trojan horse for the empauvrishment of Africa preparing it for recolonisation. NO to brain draining of Africa by the West (Immigration Choisie-Sarkozy), NO to western-backed NGOs aimed at by-passing African governments and reducing soverainty to nil and encouraging dependency on aid.

NOBODY aided the west after the great world wars. China and Japan were also devastated by the two world wars, and nobody aided them to be what they are today. The best help/aid Africa deserves is independence and self-determination. We have to be able to define ourselves, rebrand our lands, change our mentalities and work for a better future for our continent. We have to vote our own leaders and not get/allow western-imposed governors in the name of Heads of States. We've got to get awake and fight for our future and that of our children.

Let's not forget that there is ONLY INTERESTS in International Relations. I have lived and worked with western nationals and do know their impression/picture of Africa and its peoples. We are reduced to beggers/bootlickers in their eyes. Their NGOs are promoting that image, while making huge sums of monies, securing their retirements (for the old ones) and paving the way forward for their career development (for the young volunteers). Take a closer look at every one of the steps westerners are making in Africa. There is always a hidden goal/agenda behind every action they take. Today, it is American imperialism gaining strength in the horn of Africa (Somalia, Erithria, Ethiopia, Djibouti), Soudan (Darfu), Chad (Doha), Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Nigeria, D.R. Congo, Uganda, and Angola.

The next war for oil will be in Africa, especially the Niger Delta region, Bata-Congo and Central African Republic. WATCH OUT !!!


This is actually the most reliable website I have visited concerning matters of Africa. Africa must " unite", and we have to start it in our various countries. Uhuru!

Abdoulaye Niang

Author of the book Towards a Viable and Credible Development in Africa: The Push Factors, I can only support your initiative. We share the same ambitious vision for Africa and we need few African Change Agents to move bodly on the road that has been mapped towards a viable and credible development.
Please let us network.


Hello AFRICAphonie,

Good day. I stumbled onto your site on the Internet and was both excited to read about you. I am very interested in your initiative.

Etta Tabot Rene

Dear readers,I'm realy excited to be here.It's my first time to visit this site.As a matter of fact,I never knew it existed,but now that I'm here,I've come to stay.
I'm a Cameroonian Artist/film maker living in South Africa.
When Mr George Ngwane first made the call for Africans to come together under the umbrella of the Africaphonie movement,I'm proud to say that I was amongst the first people who answered present.
Just in form four or five,a student of then GSS Buea,I was probably the youngest person who attended that very first meeting.How can I forget that fountain of life,behind that small club in Molyko,where we sat listenning to the pregnant father George,as he delivered this great movement.I'm proud I wrote my name on that very first register,which was circulated after that meeting.
Remember the launch at O.I.C Buea?. O yes! I was present.
How can I forget the night of the celebrations of African liberation at the University of Buea in the 90S, where I did not only exhibit my African paintings ,but sat, glued to my seat as Mr George and other great Africans filled us with prospects for the future.
I travelled to South Africa,about that time and lost all contacts with the movement,but I'm overjoy today at the progress the Africaphonie has made.
Dear members,it is with pleasure that I inform you that the foundation Africaphonie placed beneath me has been the basis of my successes today.I express this in my paintings,films and documentaries,and will ever be a part of me.
Africa's got one way only,and it is the way forward.As Africans,it is the time for us to burry fueds,act responsibly and creat a place in the sun for all.God bless Africaphonie,God bless Africa.

Ernest Kanjo

The idea of a united Africa must be encouraged.It is Africa who are going to make their continent a place to live in.Let every Africa join the course so that our ancestors would not grumble from their resting places in case we fail.Long Live Africaphonie.

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