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A united Africa is very important. Although it may seem like Africa is finally and completely free from colonialism, we're not.

The imperial powers are still using their influence combined with our dividedness to keep us impoverished as long as they can. Part of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)'s job is to instigate conflicts between nations. By using the classic divide and conquer techniques, the Superpowers are weening off possible threat to their goal of global domination. They are so good at this however that you will not even notice that they are involved. The CIA is the most advanced intelligence agency on earth.

They know every about every tribe on the planet. That is their job. They will trigger these conflicts in ways you would never expect. And they would never leave a trace.

And that my friends is how the US plans to stay the world super power.

So think about it. And think about AIDs, it's the agenda of "depopulation of africa", and "eugenics". Very scary times we live in my friends. Do your research.

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